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Prize Winning Student Graduates

A Bangor University prize-winning student will be celebrating her success during graduation week this week.Jennifer HughesJennifer Hughes

Former Birkenhead Sixth Form College student, Jennifer Hughes, 21, from Birkenhead will graduate this week with a degree in Molecular Biology. Jennifer has also been awarded the Jones-Morris prize of £100. The prize was established by means of a fund raised by the north Wales branch of the British Medical Association to commemorate the services rendered to the branch and the medical profession by the late Dr W Jones-Morris, who was for many years a member of the University Council. The prize is awarded by the School of Biological Sciences to a final-year student who has submitted the best final-year project relevant to health care.

Jennifer said: “It's very exciting to finally be graduating after three years, it's been a lot of hard work but the time seems to have gone so quickly!

“I have always been interested in nature and enjoyed studying biology in school, and so decided to apply to study biology at Bangor. After studying molecular-based modules in my first year, I decided to transfer to the molecular biology course.

“When I visited on open days I remember finding the department very friendly and welcoming compared to the other universities I was accepted at. My family live only an hour and a half drive away, so Bangor was an ideal distance for getting home easily, whilst having an opportunity to live away from home.

“I was very grateful to receive an 'Excellence Scholarship' for my A-level results when I began at the University, I found it useful to help fund my studies.

“I volunteered as a peer guide in my second year, and in my third year I was a senior course representative. I found it interesting to see how the school was organised, and I hope the experience of attending meetings and organising information will help me in my future career.

“Although I struggled during my experimental project I found that the freedom to complete the work in my own time over the year helped me to develop my organisational skills. I was very grateful to have a friendly supervisor who was very helpful with any problems I encountered. I liked the responsibility of being able to use the lab equipment on my own, and being able to read through the literature and include the techniques that I read about in my own work.

“I am hoping to get a job using the skills I have learned during my degree, in particular I think I would like to work in a lab, as this is something I enjoyed during my time at Bangor University.”

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