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Bangor Wetlands Group

Welcome to the website of the Bangor Wetlands Group (BWG). We are a group of wetland scientists and students based in the Wolfson Carbon Capture Laboratories (WCCL) at Bangor University in North Wales, UK. Our research and teaching span the breadth of the discipline; from the use of constructed treatment wetlands to the reintroduction of wetland animals, and from peatland carbon storage to decomposition in mangrove swamps.

We’re fortunate enough at Bangor University to be surrounded by a great variety of wetlands right here in Snowdonia and North Wales, though our team also works on wetlands from around the world, including peat-permafrost sites in the Arctic, tropical wetlands in Malaysia and mangroves in Florida.

Our team is led by Prof Chris Freeman who is one of the world’s leading experts on wetland science.

Please follow us on Twitter @BangorWetlands and Instagram @BangorWetlands

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