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Cancer Exhibition at the National Eisteddfod Science & Technology Exhibition

As one of the main sponsors of the Eisteddfod Science & Technology Pavilion, Bangor University is taking a lead in getting children and adults involved in the show. The University  has a range of activities at the Exhibition through the week- covering everything from science for the youngest children, with the very popular Fflach Bangor show- to health themes,  including cancer research,  the food we eat and how to check for our ‘vital signs’ as well as revealing a little about how our brains work.

Cancer research

The Bangor University North West Cancer Research Institute and the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board have combined their forces to organise an exhibition where university scientists and NHS staff will present the latest information on cancer research, genetics, diagnostics, treatment and prevention. There will be a large walk-through inflatable colon that illustrates the various stages of colorectal cancer.

Dr. Edgar Hartsuiker, Chairman of the Bangor North West Cancer Research Institute explains: “One part of the exhibition, organised by scientists of the Bangor North West Cancer Research Institute, explains recent advances in our understanding of the causes of cancer. Cancer formation is a multi-step process that can take several years. We will explain some of these changes, which will also be illustrated in the walk-through inflatable colon.”

The cancer exhibition will also host various hands-on activities, including isolating your DNA, look at your cells through a microscope, test the effect of smoking on CO2 levels in your breath, make DNA sequence bracelets, zoom in on your genome, ultrasound scanning, and many more.

Ocean Sciences

Bangor University’s renowned School of Ocean Sciences will be bringing their ‘touch tanks’ from Monday to Wednesday  so that young children can get up close to some seaside creatures, and learn a little about their lifestyle.

Psychology & Healthcare Sciences

From Monday to Wednesday, the University’s leading School of Psychology will be at the Eisteddfod with some intriguing psychology games and puzzles as well as visual illusions, which all give us insights about how our brains really work…

On Tuesday, The University’s School of Healthcare Sciences will be at the Exhibition with activities and games relating to resuscitation and vital observations and hand-cleanliness.

Health and sustainability are themes for an exhibition on Wednesday and Thursday. Bangor University’s Welsh Institute for Natural Resources, and WISE Network will have apps, activities and posters focusing on how our daily decisions affect other people, the planet and our prosperity.

On Thursday they launch a new app on the theme of food and its effect on people’s health. This is the first time the app will be available publicly. The new app has been developed by the University’s  Welsh Institute for Natural Resources, and WISE Network  and behaviour change experts at the School of Psychology’s Wales Centre for Behaviour Change, in conjunction with a technology company.

The app encourages people to change their food buying behaviour and encourages them to make health eating choices.
Sioe Fflach Bang has two performances a day at the Science & Technology Exhibition at 1.00 and 3.30 from Saturday to Tuesday the cast of S4C’s Stwnsh programme will be joining the Fflach Bangor team for the 3.30 shows.

Bangor University’s Technocamps project, which introduces for 11-19 year olds to some exciting aspects of computing such as programming, robotics, cryptography and animation, has worked with the Eisteddfod and Ifor Williams Trailers to set young visitors an exciting challenge. The challenge at the Science & Technology Pavilion through the week is to programme a LEGO robot to reverse a small trailer specially designed and built by Ifor Williams Trailers.  There will be a purpose built track and a number of small challenges to complete before reversing your trailer!

According to Dr Robyn Wheldon-Williams, who coordinates the Science & Technology Exhibition and is Schools Outreach Manager for Bangor University’s College of Physical & Applied Sciences: “reversing a trailer has probably been the cause of more than one in-car argument over the years, our aim this year is to see if a LEGO robot can do a better job of it!

The question is not who’s best at reversing but who can programme the LEGO robot best  -  the boys or the girls?  The Competition runs all week with the winner receiving a LEGO robot worth £400 for their school.”

Former Bangor University Academic to receive Science & Technology Medal 

Former Head of Bangor University’s School of Electronic Engineering,  Alwyn R Owens  receives the National Eisteddfod Science & Technology Medal in the Pagoda at 12.30 on Thursday.

The Eisteddfod has a full release:

Publication date: 2 August 2013

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