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David Miller Travel Bursary Award

Applications are invited for the David Miller Award!

The David Miller Travel Bursary Award aims to give two young plant scientists or horticulturists the opportunity of overseas travel in connection with their horticultural careers.

Applicants should be in the second or final year of a higher education qualification (BSc, HND, Kew Diploma etc) or studying for an MSc or PhD and must be students registered for courses in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

Applications should consist of a statement of no more than 500 words on the purpose to which the award will be put. (The award is intended to supplement, rather than wholly finance, a journey).

Eligible submissions will include proposals on any topic related to horticulture in its broadest sense. Plant science proposals are eligible provided they have a relevance to horticulture; i.e. the applicant’s work is on a horticultural crop (edible or ornamental) or the relevance of the work to horticultural crops is made clear. Applications will be judged on the statement only; CV, references, costings and other sponsors are not required. Since 2015 is the International Year of Soils, applications related to the soil are encouraged. However, as usual, all applications will be judged purely on merit.

Travel Bursary details:
Deadline for submissions: 13 April 2015
Date award winners will be notified: May 2015

Click here to apply

You can download the award flyer here.

Publication date: 4 February 2015

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