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News: October 2014

As seen on TV!

A carnivorous plant described in a recent episode of BBC2’s Wonders of the Monsoon can be seen at Treborth Botanic Garden and is thought to be the only one on Wales and one of only a few samples in the UK.

Publication date: 28 October 2014

Bangor researchers & students plan to get to the bottom of how new fish species are evolving in a Tanzanian crater lake

Charles Darwin called it the mystery of mysteries: how do new species arise? We understand a lot more now than we did in Darwin’s time, of course. But only with the advent of cheap large-scale DNA sequencing have we had a hope to understand how the process works at the most fundamental level. Professor George Turner from Bangor University has been awarded a £250k grant from the Leverhulme Trust to study fishes from a tiny lake formed in a volcanic crater in Tanzania.

Publication date: 23 October 2014

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